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Report any new or worsening symptoms to your doctor DESYREL ( trazodone hydrochloride) tablets for oral administration contain trazodone hydrochloride, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and 5HT2 receptor antagonist. This medication is used to treat depressive disorder and anxiety Desyrel is an antidepressant that is used to treat major depressive disorder. Our Simple Adult Assessment was Developed by Licensed Psychologists & Physicians.. Uses Warnings Before taking Dosage Side effects Interactions FAQ What is trazodone ? Learn About an Add-On Prescription Treatment for Adults w/ Depression.. Receive an Adult ADHD Diagnosis & Prescription Online from Licensed Experts.

Learn What The Best Supplements Are To Manage Stress And Sleep.. Stay alert to changes in your mood or symptoms. This medicine is available only with your doctor's prescription. Trazodone is a prescription antidepressant medication for adults and works as a serotonin antagonist and reuptake inhibitor (SARIs).

Desyrel Dividose Oleptro Descriptions Trazodone is used to treat depression. Meet Your Therapist For In-Person Or Online Sessions. Warnings Some young people have thoughts about suicide when first taking an antidepressant. Trazodone is an antidepressant. Generic name: trazodone [ TRAZ-oh-done ] Brand names: Desyrel , Desyrel Dividose, Oleptro Dosage form: oral tablet (100 mg; 150 mg; 300 mg; 50 mg) Drug class: Phenylpiperazine antidepressants Medically reviewed by Sanjai Sinha, MD. GoodRx® Is A Local Service For Local People. This product is available in the following dosage forms: Tablet From Mayo Clinic to your inbox. Stress Management And Sleep Are Just As Important As Diet And Exercise For Optimal Health. Trazodone ( traz -oh-dohn) is a special type of antidepressant used to treat depression (extreme sadness) or sleeplessness. It is thought to work by increasing the activity of serotonin in the brain.

Desyrel may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. Get Relief From High Prescription Costs For As Little As Net Cost Per Month.. Save Up To 80% On Your Prescription Today! It also may be used to treat other conditions. It is not addictive and may offer additional benefits over other sleep aids for certain conditions, such as sleep. Use Alma's Directory to Match You With A Therapist For Online or In-Person Sessions. No Credit Card Needed, No Fees. NaturaRelief Works Quickly on Bipolar Symptoms in 30 Minutes. generic buy flagyl online without prescription

DESYREL is a triazolopyridine derivative designated as 2-[3-[4-(3-chlorophenyl)-1- piperazinyl]propyl]-1,2,4-triazolo [4,3-a]pyridin-3(2H)-one hydrochloride Trazodone is an antidepressant that is sometimes prescribed as a sleep aid.

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